Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Getting moolah has never been more fun. Be a part of #ChurpChurp

Getting moolah has never been more fun. Be a part of #ChurpChurp



This is my eldest sister's son MOHD SALLAHUDDIN NAQIB...he was born on march 2011.... my sis is lucky, she got pregnant a month after she got married... my family called him udin to make him look more 'kampung'.... I can say that my parents get a lot more happier when he was born...he is their 1st grandchildren for the time being... just to see this little guy, my parents traveled a long distance journey from Perlis to N9 every month to release their longing...

sshhh..... baby boys sleeping...

recently... his birthday in my sisters house 1 year old udin... 

since my parents comes back and forth to N9 to meet him, udin is very intimate especially to my father 
Mr. Ahmad....his tok ma and tok pa love to buy baby clothes and new stuff for him...udin loves travelling in cars,shopping(just like me) and takes a stroll a lot... he'll become obedient whenever these 3 things occur...

tired but obedient udin ....(shopping xtvt)

pic above was taken when my sis just got back home from Malacca Zoo...his mode was so happy so there were no doubt that he likes outing a lot... : 7 )




This event happens 2 years ago in 2010...i don't have have any idea to post anything since this blog was for the sake of assignment...this wedding was held during school holidays in Jun...its my eldest sisters wedding... all of my family members and relatives from Johor, Selangor, and Kuala Lumpur attend this event despite their busy schedule....

my sister Hazura get married on this day!!!we were waiting 4 the bridesgroom to arrived before the 'akad nikah' ceremony at our house in Perlis...... 

this picture was taken as soon as the ceremony ends....and my sister officially becomes someones wife...huk2...sad to let her go...

with my 2nd sis zulaiha

the 3 feminine musketeers...wakakaka


The next day is the wedding reception day.....everybody gets busy even a week sis gets everything ready for her wedding with a checklist to make the event is held at a Chinese school hall in sis insist to do it in a hall instead of home bcoz she wants a place with an air-conditioner so her make-up won't get affected by the hot weather, she wants guest to feel comfortable without any spacious issues and the hall has a great deal with only a thousand ringgit lease per day with full air-cond....

my parents


our family picture.....

alhamdulillah...on that day everything went well just like we planned.... even though we end up like a 'dry squid' getting all tired and sleepy, the event still was the most memorable and happiest day ever...
p/s: whenever anybody saw this pic they said 'oowhh the 3 pink musketeers after this is your turn'.... : o


Tuesday, 1 May 2012



i'm not too interested in car... after all i'm a girl...but this car was not too bad... when i see it on the road i can't help but to look at it non-stop... plus white colours matches well with its body makes it looks 'sexy' to me......kyaaaa!!


An Exceptional Price for an Exceptional Car
"Best Resale Value"
Ever since the very first Accord was introduced in 1976, quality Honda engineering has made it
 one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. This high level of craftsmanship results in a
 high resale value, as well. In fact, the 2011 Accord was honored with the Best Resale Value Award in
 the Mid-Size Car category by Kelley Blue Book's[1]. 

The Accord Sedan earned a 5-star safety rating in each combined 
category based on the latest government testing.

 Accord has been engineered to help protect you and your passengers when collisions just cannot be avoided. In-floor frame rails improve crashworthiness. And our Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure disperses frontal crash energy over a wide area, helping reduce the forces transferred to the passenger compartment.
Airbags and More
Every Accord also features standard front, front side and side curtain airbags to help reduce the likelihood of injuries in a collision. The front side airbags employ a large two-chamber design, and the front passenger's side airbag uses the Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) to prevent deployment if a child or small-statured passenger is out of position and in the airbag's path of deployment. And active front head restraints help reduce the likelihood of whiplash injuries in a sufficient rear impact.
Honda's Safety Philosophy
Honda is committed to providing safety for everyone—that means crash protection not only for our own drivers and passengers, but also for the occupants of other vehicles, and injury mitigation for pedestrians. We are dedicated to identifying and implementing advanced designs and features that help enhance the safety of vehicles on the road. 

if anyone are also having interest in my dream car you can click this link 

i would not say that this will be my forever dream car when i grow up.....things change and my dream will to..but for this time being ,this will do...


I am a student currently studying at KIRKBY COLLEGE i'll just share some events that had happened during my studies at KIC..


this event happened last year...this picture was taken with my classmates and housemates... i would say that this event is one of the event that i enjoyed the most since it was a cheerful and enjoyable this event, it is compulsory for every class to send at least a representative for the performance. However everybody from our class took part for the perrformance to make it 'VAS HAPPENIN' ..quoted from *zayn malik, 2011*...we make a performance on raya song by senario and 1 Malaysia song..

a little sneak peek on our performance :)

this is our class candid picture taken at the end of the event.........

eventhough we took a week practice preparation for the performance, we felt proud and relieved since the performance went well with the great teamwork shown by all of my classmates!!!


we took some pictures on our practice day and this picture is taken 1-2 days before the performance in dancing room....p/s evidence of a photomaniac...he2...

things i do when friend are practicing.....(snip snap)...


in semester 2 4 the subject co-curriculum i learn sports recreation and sports athletic..since the college is still *new* we don't have any appropriate field and tracks for our practical learning...therefore we took sympathy from the nearest school in our area which is the seri puteri school... i can say that their school are well equipped with  great jelly...

1st pic...

2nd pic...

3rd pic

learning process with Puan Madznah our lecturer....don't pay attention to those who are not paying attention with the V pose...bad example... :-)

now introducing the 'candle princess'....SYAHIRAH AFIDZAH..... " can't stand hot sunny days burn my skin" .... :-0

favourites: pink and flowers